Elena found immense inspiration through her travels around the world. As she journeyed across, she filled up her visual memory bank with everything stunning and beautiful she has ever seen. With a fresh new perspective, she brings to you the ease of versatility through this collection. Her life’s journeys are the source of inspiration for her unique convertible pendants and rings.

Los Angeles is a cradle of art city, where natural beauty and the city's modernity blend into one.

The L.A. pendant captures the curves of the Californian terrains and the city's fashionable lifestyle. 


Rio is full of color and beauty. The liveliness of the city comes from not only the vibrant culture but also the diverse wildlife presence. 


The Rio pendants comes in many striking colorful stones. Each gem captures a part of 

Rio's exciting energy. 

Every visitor falls under the laid-back spell of the San Blas islands of Panama. The isolation with beautiful blue ocean and white sand make these islands the perfect escape.

Panama is casted from a real sea urchin, which Elena found during her sailing venture around San Blas.

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