It all starts with an idea. 

Elena finds inspiration from her fascination with outstanding architecture and her love for traveling to interesting places all over the world. She is always finding new ways to make her design more artful, versatile, and creative. For Elena, jewelry is not only about being beautiful, but also carries significance and excitement for its wearer. 

From her idea, Elena proceeds to make her first sample at her studio in Manhattan, New York. Wearing the first piece, Elena can test the mechanism and aesthetic of the jewelry and make changes as necessary.

Elena personally picks out the stone for each piece. Each gem must carry the best quality in color, weight and light dispersion.

With the final specs, our CAD designer creates a master using our 3-D printer.  

The master is sent to our manufacturer for production. The craftsmen's ritual of knowledge and experimentation, and the meticulous care and attention to materials embodies the brand's mission to carry authenticity and significance in the jewelry.

It is through this innovative and rewarding process that Elena Kriegner :: Creative Fine Jewelry achieves elegance and uniqueness in every creation.