Natural pearls are as precious as the shell it comes from. Just like the stratas of pearls, Elena has layers and layers of creative intricacies floating within the collection. The pearls are un-drilled and exchangeable in every piece for you to add your own very personal touch. 


  "All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography."

The Venus rings' design respect the preciousness of the pearl, as it is un-drilled and exchangeable to any colored pearl you'd like. 

Pearls are gift from the ocean.

   The diamonds accenting around the soft and elegant pearl makes the Venus ring even more magnificent.  

Through our history, pearls have been the subject for many mystical stories, because of its magical and calming effect.

For a bolder look, this Venus design keeps its style minimalist and modern. 

Pearl's magic lies in its artistic creation process.

Riny's Saturn is decorated tastefully with three diamonds giving the ring a more feminine energy. 

Always timeless and iconic. 

Having the pearl floats among many spectacular diamonds, this design takes on the timeless drop pearl earrings and gives them a contemporary touch.

Watch this video on how to make the best out of your Pearl collection.